June 4th, 2012- Darkseid bombs Gotham City, killing Jack, Harleen and Richard Knapier, as well as Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake.

August 13th, 2024- Damian Wayne reopened Batman Inc. in an attempt to defeat Darkseid and rebuild Gotham City.

May 30th, 2025- One of the jokers past followers opens up Joker World Wide Industries to take down Batman Inc.

December 2nd, 2034- JWWI begins to fail, and scientist Robert Lanx PHD (Doctor Clown) begins to build a time machine to bring the Joker back to the future.

March 1st, 2054- The time machine is finally finished and Doctor Clown starts the first mission for the Joker, Carnival I.

April 1st, 2060- New Gotham City is opened as the only safe place from Darkseid.

July 12th, 2074- Damian Wayne dies and Lucas Wayne takes over Batman Inc.

August 13th, 2089- After the failure of Carnival I and many other missions, JWWI finally decides to bring back Richard Knapier instead.

December 25th, 2089- Richard Knapier becomes head of JWWI.