I used to think roleplaying was fun.It sucked out of me.The way people here keep arguing were no better than CHBRPW.I am not going through that again.Never again.My life has been sucked out of me.People take credit for my ideas,GE doesnt really care for anything about me.What should I expect?Every girl I know(With the exception of Roselia and Hayley)has been focusing on there emotions and not what others feel.If you thought that GE you'd realize that I have been telling people for ages that my life sucks and coming on here gave me the courage to go one because you guys used to support me(Not that you care GE).Mo2 you've been a great friend and it pains me to do this to you.I'm sorry.Same with you Kap.Red you and me always fight and joke around.You one of my good friends though.GE stop thinking about your needs and think about how I feel.Cat your a good friend I will miss you.The only problem here is really me...I feel like you guys are annoyed by me...I hope me leaving will help this wiki a bit.It's just I cant be happy here I'll ahve to find somewhere else to spend life.I want to be happy like when I was a kid.If that's not possible I'm out.Not coming back this time.If you want me back your gonna have to find me.I wont answer through my youtube and all my other accounts are unknown.See ya guys.I'm gonan try to reclaim my happiness.Forever leaving -This user is not TheThing12...I swear