Thing, I know you have heard this all before, but GE agrees now as well tthat this needs to stop. I have proof that I will post below. Please, just don't go, and we can end this fight.


Great Expectationssorry

  • 7:12Mo2damoI'm not the one that cares
  • 7:12Mo2damoyou guys really should stop fighting
  • 7:13Great Expectationsik
  • 7:14Mo2damoI already have enought stress, nearly failing math, having to maintain a relationship whith a girl friend, and havng ISD every day because I end up beating up my friends every day because they cant leave me alone, and I don't want to deal with fixing your fight as well
  • 7:14Mo2damobrb
  • 7:14Great Expectationssorry about that
  • 7:20Mo2damoback
  • 7:20Great Expectationswb
  • 7:21Mo2damothx
  • 7:21Mo2damoyou know what the worst part of you and things part is?
  • 7:21Great Expectations what
  • 7:22Mo2damoyour fighting about dumb things like a mistake on your chars page and me and thing messing around and tlaking about Canada.
  • 7:22Great Expectationstrue...
  • 7:23Mo2damoand you know there is a reasong thing keeps leaving i'm not sying its all your fault, but its not all things fault
  • 7:23Great Expectationsik
  • 7:24Mo2damoI just think you guys should stop fighting
  • 7:24Great Expectationsi do too
  • 7:24Great Expectationscan you get him back on?
  • 7:24Mo2damoI'm willing to, ban, delete, and rename anything on here to make that happen
  • 7:25Mo2damoI have done that once, the only way to get him on, is for you to tell him you are sorry, and specifically name what you are sorry for
  • 7:25Great Expectationsokay
  • 7:26Mo2damooh, and his char is soppused to be one of the main chars in the movie, for the main problem of the movie is supposed to be that him as Richard have to work together or they can not defeat darkseid, but they hate eachother
  • 7:26Mo2damo*supposed
  • 7:26Great Expectationsokay
  • 7:26Mo2damosorry if that messes up what you have so far on the script
  • 7:27Great Expectationsno no
  • 7:27Great Expectationsits okay