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  • I live in Colorado Springs
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is Student
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  • Mo2damo

    Thing's Vids

    February 21, 2012 by Mo2damo

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  • Mo2damo

    Thing, I know you have heard this all before, but GE agrees now as well tthat this needs to stop. I have proof that I will post below. Please, just don't go, and we can end this fight.

    Great Expectationssorry

    • 7:12Mo2damoI'm not the one that cares
    • 7:12Mo2damoyou guys really should stop fighting
    • 7:13Great Expectationsik
    • 7:14Mo2damoI already have enought stress, nearly failing math, having to maintain a relationship whith a girl friend, and havng ISD every day because I end up beating up my friends every day because they cant leave me alone, and I don't want to deal with fixing your fight as well
    • 7:14Mo2damobrb
    • 7:14Great Expectationssorry about that
    • 7:20Mo2damoback
    • 7:20Great Expectationswb
    • 7:21Mo2damothx
    • 7:21Mo2damoyou know what the worst part of you an…

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  • Mo2damo

    We need a blog

    February 3, 2012 by Mo2damo

    The name says it all.

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