Great Expectations

aka Whitney

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  • I live in dem asian land
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Free Spirit
  • I am Female
  • Great Expectations

    Black Bat and Red Bird are standing on top of the newspaper building at night trying to find Mr. Carnival. Red Bird: I don’t see him anywhere. Maybe he robbed another bank.

    Black Bat looks through his binoculars suspiciously.

    Black Bat: Patience. Maybe he’ll-

    Suddenly something pushes Red Bird off the building roof. He starts falling but quickly flies up with his wings and lands behind the figure. Black Bat instantly puts down his binoculars and gets ready to fight. The Trickster back flips quickly and tries to punch Black Bat in the nose. He grabs her arm and twists it.

    The Trickster: Why you gotta be like that puddin’? I’m just here to dance!

    She kicks his knee and his loosens his grip on her arm, then back flips over to Red bird. Red Bird tr…

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  • Great Expectations

    Happy super bowl sunday! GO PATRIOTS! Hope everyone has fun! See you on chat or whenever! :D :D :D

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