Silas Grayson
Member of Batman Inc.
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Si generally takes pretty much everything seriously, crime-fighting in particular. He is often seen using his powers to train. He proclaims himself to be a leader,yet is vastly unmotivated, but after seeing the decay the galaxy was falling into without heroes,he immediately felt obligated to better himself. Si is very patient and understanding,and is empathetic.


Man on fire by gencebay55
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born July 13
Family Bruce Grayson(Father)

(Unknown Mother)

Status Alive, 20
Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6'4"
Affiliation Batman Inc. HQ
Weapons His Powers
Home Mars
Powers Firepower



Silas was born and raised in Aphrodite City on Venus to Bruce Grayson and an unknown woman. He was always used to being the center of attention and a joker, until he until he discovered he was a metahuman when he defended himself after he was jumped by bullies in his high school. He inherited psychic abilites, apprently from his mother, most prevalent, the ability to create fire with his mind, as well as telekinesis, though he can only internalize it to make himself fly. Soon after, he immediately went under the tutelage of his father, Bruce, who was tought by his father, Dick Grayson martial arts as well as the finer points of criminology.

Not long after completing this training, Si accidentally used his powers to stop a bank robbery. Being seen by a mysterious man, he was told to follow him. Si agreed to follow him. He first asked him his name. He told him Silas Grayson. He then asked, "Any relation to Dick Grayson?" He told him that that was his grandfather. The man's jaw dropped and he told him he had to come with him to Mars. Si reluctantly agreed and followed the man to Mars to Batman Inc. Headquarters. Then once he showed The leader his powers and fighting skills, he was welcomed into Batman Inc. under the codename Firebyrd.



Benjamin Elliott (1)First tattoo by mados-d3ghthuMan on fire by gencebay55Silas

Si is a Caucasian male. He is 6'5 and 195 lbs. He is muscular with a slim build. He has black hair and Charcoal grey eyes..



Twin C432 Pistols he keeps on holsters on his sides in the event his powers are of no use on an enemy



*His mother is a powerful psychic, and as a result, he has inherited some of her mental abilities.
  • He possesses Telekinesis, but is only proficient enough to internalize, allowing him to fly.
  • He uses Psychosis to create and control fire with his mind, his most proficient psychic ability.
  • He possesses extremely limited Telepathy, but is only proficient enough to read base thought of those within 30 ft. of him



*If completely submersed in water for extened periods of time can cause his powers to completely shut down for anywhere from 10 minutes to and hour, leaving him powerless, as his mind would take time to recover from the strain.