This Character is a member of JWWI


It works for Joker World Wide Incorporated. Arch Nemesis: General Caleb Vinem

Mister Carnival
Mister Carnival
"Richard is my greatest accomplishment, and also my worst failure"- The Joker
Son of the Joker
Head of JWWI
Boy of the Past
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Has access to all of JWWI's Weapons
Status Alive, 14 (83)
Eye Color Yellow (Brown)
Hair Color Green (Black)
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Group JWII
Missions A few

Richard before Mr. Carnival.


Richard Knapier was born to Harleen Frances Knapier (Harley Quinn), and Jack Knapier (The Joker), two major crime lords in Gotham City, on June 4th 1996. As ordered by the Joker, Richard was taken by Harleen at the age of two, where he would go to Japan to train at Sasuko Takakashi's School of Martial Arts and Firearms. The Joker gave Richard a jacket with a spade on it so he would remember his father's legacy.

At the age of thirteen, Richard was a black-belt in all known types of Martial Arts, and was a master at every weapon known to man. After a call from the Joker, Harleen agreed Richard was ready, and he was finally told who his father was. In horror and shock, Richard tried to run from his father, but stopped when his mother told him that she wanted him to do this. Richard turned around, and agreed to become the monster that would be known as Mister Carnival.

Richard was no longer himself. Earlier that day he had been a stern, kind thirteen year old kid, and now, he was a cold blooded killer with a comical personality. Mister Carnival served as the Joker's sidekick for one year, before his untimely death.

79 years later, on a mission to the past to bring the joker to the future to run Joker World Wide Industries, one of the jokers followers realized the Joker was already dead. Mister Carnival was still alive though, and was brought to the future to truly lead his fathers legacy.



Candy Bubble Knapier Sister He will do anything to protect her
Caleb Vinem Arch Enemy He would kill him but he finds him to amusing.
JWWI Members Allies Good friends.
Batman inc. Enemies Enemies