02 merc

This is the Planet Mercury. Only a small part of the World has been terraformed, and that part holds the secret headquarters of the Carrasquillo Mob. As the mob is an Earth based mob, no one thinks that the headquarters are here. They are not members of any group, but they will heir out troops to any that will pay them. Their main objective is to control the entire criminal underworld in this sector. You would have to James Carrasquillo for any thing about the mob, and he is currently working as a consultant for JWWI. If you find the headquarters you will be immediately taken into custody and questioned. If you are not deemed a threat, your memory will be erased and you will be placed on earth in the custody of another sector of the mob.Though other than that it serves as a Lightseid Planet and currently knows nothing aabout the mob.There capital is Hermes City.The most dangourous place in Mercury is the Lava Canyons.A series of Canyons that go up to 3,000 Degrees F.

The Planet's Symbol and the Military's Insignia