Black Bat
"We shall keep my grandfathers legacy alive!"- Lucas Wayne
Grandson of Batman
Head of Batman Inc.
Protector of Gotham
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Has access to all Batman Inc. Weapons
Status Alive, 27
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Group Batman Inc.
Missions Many


Lucas Wayne was born on March 25th, 2063 to Damian and Alexa Wayne in New Gotham City. He was trained from birth to become the heir to the prestigious Batman Incorporated. Like all Waynes since Bruce, Lucas attended the Redwood Academy of Business and Martial Arts, where he became one of the most skilled fighters and businessmen in the World.

At the age of fourteen when his parents died, Lucas gladly stepped up as head of Batman Inc., taking on the alias Black Bat. During a trade with aliens from Apokolips, Lucas got the gear he would use to make the most advanced suit in the world, the BB-74-X.

Once the Black Bat met the most horrible being in the universe, Darkseid himself. the BB-74-X was highly damaged by Darkseid's Omega-beams, forcing Lucas to reconstruct the suit as the BB-75-X.

Lucas is currently 27 and is the sworn enemy of JWWI and Darkseid.

Lucas out of his suit.