Roxy -member of Batman INC.
-MAF Solider

 – January 29, 2012

*she salutes* Ready to serve Batman INC.
Lieutenant Roxy Carter
MAF Solider
Skilled Sharpshooter
Former army sharp shooter
Important Information
Gender Female
Weapons Her pistols, plasma knife, and old machine gun
Status Alive; 22
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Jet-black
Height 5'9
Group MAF Soliders
Missions -


Lieutenant Roxy Carter's birth and early life is a mystery. She had the unique ability to shoot from a very far distance. She trained to be the best solider and was a full tomboy. Roxy didn't settle for second-best, she joined the army at age 18 as a sharp shooter, and never missed a single hit. Roxy stayed in there for three years. After that time she wandered around, wondering what to do with her life. She eventually found black Bat and joined the MAF Soliders. She resides there as sharp shooter and field agent, protecting america against the villain of society.


Roxy is average height for her age, being 5’8. She has jet-back hair that is always in a bun or ponytail and daring green eyes. Roxy's wardrobe includes camouflage or green cargo pants, matching jackets, black tang tops and a large utility belt holding her pistols.


She will do anything for peace and justice. Roxy loves the thrill of adventure but most importantly shooting her long shot pistols.


Extra strong Plasma knife (gift from General Vinem)

Two long shot pistols

Old machine gun (from her grandfather)