Caleb Vinem
how do you want to die?Blasted or turned into Metal -Caleb
General Vinem
Gray Assault
MAF Pilot
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons M5 Shocker

M6 Blaster Plasma Knife

Status Alive,21
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 7'0"
Group Mars Air Force

Batman Inc.

Missions Tons

General Vinem -member of Batman Inc.
-Gray Assault

 – 20:12, January 27, 2012 (UTC)

Caleb Vinem is a General in the MAF.He is a superhero part time called Gray Assault.His powers are the Ability to control any type of Metal.He is currently 25.


In a young age his parents were killed.He grew up an Orphan and when he was 16 he joined the Air Force.He passed Training easily and was a great pilot.At 20 he experienced powers over Metal.He joined the Black Bat.During training there he learned to control his ability's.Helping the Black Bat on missions.Over time his pilot skills mixed with his powers he made general really fast.He is 2nd in command of he made his own Air Force group and named it MAF(Mars Air Force).There base is located on Mars next to HQ


He has a few weapons he likes to carry around

  1. M5 Shocker
  2. M6 Blaster
  3. Plasma Knifes
  4. F16 Pilot Armor
  5. Batman Inc. Armor(Gray)

Power Ability'sEdit

  1. Turning People into Metal
  2. Controlling any Metal type object
  3. Making Metal out of thin Air
  4. Making Metal Shields
  5. Can make Metal Golems to help him fight