Drake Lux-Magister
"I am the master of light"- Drake
Head of the Lightseid Alliance
Chosen Master of Herobane
Bearer of Light
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Herobane
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown or White
Hair Color Brown or White
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Group Lightseid Alliance
Missions More than you could believe


Drake was born in New Atlantis to an uncle of General Vinem almost eighteen years ago. When Drake was only two years old, Darkseid attacked. The two fought best the could for two and five year old boys, but in the end, both of their parents were killed. The two ran away from the battle to New Gotham city, where they lived as orphans for many years, thwarting the henchmen of Darkseid with their skills at battle. It was obvious that they were both natural leaders, but they were also something much more amazing, Caleb would not figure that out for years, but Drake did at the age of ten. Drake and Caleb were walking through an alley in New Gotham when they saw an old sword, not like the plasma knives of today, but one of the metal ones from the star of the century. Drake picked it up because he thought they might be able to use it for something. When he picked it up, something spectacular happened. The entire sword changed to his tough, as did Drake, who grew taller and whose hair and eyes grew white. He looked like a warrior from one of the ancient stories, telling of people that would use magic to destroy great armies. On the hilt of the sword were engraved two Latin words: "heros vENENUM" and "Lux-Magister". The first words meant herobane, it was obviously the swords name. The second one felt important to him, it meant light master, and he adopted it as his new last name. Over the next few years, he traveled to Neptune, Mars, and Venus and he got them all to work together with him and Batman inc. to form the greatest threat Darkseid has ever known. The Lightseid Alliance.


When weilding Herobane Drake basically becomes pure power. His is also the perfect combination of wits, speed, agility and strength.

Drake 2

Drake weilding Herobane