die Fledermaus-Paradies Höhle (German for the bat's paradise cave) is the name of Lucas Reginald Wayne's Quarters at the very top of Batman inc. HQ. With 70,045 separate rooms in it, die Fledermaus-Paradies Höhle is the largest place on Mars. Some of the rooms include full rooms filled with files of every member of Batman inc. since it's creation. He also has a room with thousands of Audio-X-12 television monitors, where he watches all security cameras Batman inc. has ever placed. There is a computer room, a kitchen, a lounge, a room where Austin can stay when he does not stay at his Hangout, and much,
much more.


Lucas always keeps the contract he signed when he joined Batman inc. on his door so he will remember what he promised:

I Lucas R. Wayne swear to forever protect the city of New Gotham from the terrors of Darkseid or any other. I swear to fight, but only for peace and balance. With hope and honor I will fight alongside the Lightseid Rebellion Force. I promise to be fair, and never mistreat my allies, or my enemies. I will use my gifts for good, and never stray from that path.

Damian Wayne

Head of Batman Inc., July 12th, 2074