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Candy -member of JWWI
-Daughter of the Joker and Harley Quinn

 – January 28, 2012

Hiya Puddin!
Candy Bubbles Knapier
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"Don't worry Puddin' if someone gives you hard time, just use the ol' punch gun on em'! -Harley Quinn
The Trickster
Daughter of Joker and Harley Quinn
SUper Acrobatic
Important Information
Gender Female
Weapons Her punch gun (a gift from her mother), Squirt flower, jack in the box punch toy,
Status Alive; 12 (82)
Eye Color Blue/Grey
Hair Color Bright Orange
Height 4'7
Group Joker World-Wide Industries
Missions -


Two years before Candy was born, Harleen Frances Knapier (Harley Quinn), and Jack Knapier (The Joker) had Richard Knapier. He was there pride and joy just as Candy was when she was born. Richard followed in his father's footsteps and Candy followed in her mother's footsteps. She trained at an early age to be very steathly, skilled at combat, and skilled ta using a punch gun. Candy also adopted her mother's phrase 'Hiya Puddin!'. At the age of seven, Candy mastered martial arts and karate. She beat everyone in the arena except her brother, who was still much better than her. Candy grew up fast, getting stronger and stronger and trainging everyday. She took on the identity The Tricker when she was ten and helped her mother assist her father. Sooner or later, she would do missions on her own with her brother, and they became a team. 79 years later, on a mission to the past to bring the joker to the future to run Joker World Wide Industries, one of the jokers followers realized the Joker was already dead. Mister Carnival and Candy were still alive though, and were brought to the future to truly lead his fathers legacy.


Candy's appreance is a mix between her mom and dad. She has clown makeup and hair like the joker, but similar outfit choices like harley quinn. She loves to dress very funky but always wears something she can move around in. Candy has blue/grey eyes and light skin. She has a few freckles on her nose and cheeks but hides most of them with makeup. Her Trickster villain outfit consists of a small strapless red top, short white pants and a red buckle, and white boots.


Candy is alot like harley quinn. She always starts a greeting with 'Hiya Puddin!' and often uses words like 'downcha' and 'pwease'. She has a highpitched squeal. She loves clowns and makeup. Since Candy is very flexible, she is often seen walking on her hands.

  • Surprise!
  • Candy fighting
  • Complete outfit of candy as The Trickster
  • Candy a bit sad
  • Candy's mother and mentor, Harley Quinn
  • Candy's dad, The Joker
  • Candy's brother, Richard