Achilles Zeus
I am Evil.Nothing more to say -Achilles
Chief Lt. Omega
3rd i n command of Covenant of Evil
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Destiny Slayer
Status Alive,25
Eye Color Blood Red
Hair Color Red
Height 6'10
Group Covenant of Evil
Missions So many

Achilles -member of Covenant of evil
-Chief Lt. Omega

 – 05:04, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

I am either your doom or ally.Pick wisely


Nothing is known about his early life but he was a bully at a young age. No one liked him and he had no friends. As he grew older he heard about a new group called the Covenant of Evil. Being one of the first to enter he received a High Position quickly. He eventually acheived the rank of Chief Lt. one of the highest ranks achievable. He is given the TAC name Omega and is good with all sorts of combat. In one of his early missions he was trying to capture the planet Umaprior. He got his arm blown off in the process. Suffering at heavy blood lost he was taken to the ER and given a Robot Arm. Somehow the mechenics made his eyes change to Blood Red. He is currently one of the strongest people in the Galaxy.


He has 2 weapons

  1. Destiny Slayer - A weapon that can change form.From a Sword to a Rocket Launcher.Made it himself.
  2. His Robot Arm can shift into a Drill and Club.


  • He is the 4th Most Wanted Criminal in the Galaxy
  • He is the 2nd most strongest person in the Galaxy
  • He is the last of his family